Thank you for taking interest in who I am! I love to travel and explore! As the spouse of a husband, whose career involves moving around, my love for traveling has increased! I’ve lived in four different states and have been to three different countries. I currently live in Japan! Traveling to me is a reminder that there is more than just one way to live life. With each stop, comes a complex culture of a place that reveals to me that beauty can be found in many forms. Besides traveling, I also love trying different foods, going to the gym to make up for the food I love, dancing to Latin music, and photographing. I am the mother of three children, who make me emotional when I realize that they are growing up too fast! I’ve been called a social butterfly, passionate, and loving. That’s enough about me for now, I can’t wait to hear about you!

"I found Veronica and thank God! She made our anniversary pictures so epic. Her work is phenomenal! She captured our love and energy so perfectly! "
-Tiffany Chance