How to Create Authentic and Beautiful Maternity Photos

For expecting parents, the journey during pregnancy is an extraordinary time filled with wonder, excitement, and anticipation. Maternity photography has become a beloved way to capture this precious moment. But how do you make those maternity photos more beautiful?  In this article, we will describe some effective tips on how to create authentic and beautiful maternity photos. Read on if you want to get the best maternity photos.

Why You Should Consider a Maternity Photoshoot? 

  • Maternity photoshoots provide an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the journey of pregnancy.
  • They allow expecting parents to capture beautiful memories of this special time in their lives.
  • It can be a bonding experience for the expecting couple, as they reflect on their journey together and anticipate the arrival of their baby.
  • Maternity photoshoots create cherished keepsakes that can be passed down through generations, allowing future family members to see and appreciate the pregnancy journey.
  • Maternity photoshoots can serve as a creative and visually appealing way to announce the pregnancy to family and friends.
  • For some, maternity photoshoots are a form of artistic expression, allowing them to showcase their style and personality.

Choosing a Location for Your Maternity Photoshoot

You want your maternity images to last a long time, so you may be proud to display them to your growing child. One of the finest strategies to ensure that your maternity session looks classic is to select a setting that is both natural and unadorned. Choosing a local nature preserve with lovely open spaces is one of our favorite ideas for an outdoor maternity photoshoot. As you go through the park, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture stunning images lit by natural light.

If you want to capture your beautiful baby belly but are worried about the weather, a basic studio setup is a great alternative. To keep the mood of your pregnancy images light and airy, we recommend a white or light backdrop with either natural light or softboxes. Plus, your lovely pregnant tummy will stand out against a clean backdrop.

Pick an Outfit that Shows Off Your Baby Bump

Each pregnant woman’s style throughout her maternity shoot reflects the uniqueness of her experience. The most classic and figure-flattering way to flaunt your growing baby bump is in a long, flowing dress—especially one with an empire waist to accentuate your curves. We recommend wearing maxi dresses. Not only did they elongate and thin the rest of you, but they also accentuated your expanding belly. But a form-fitting knee-length choice may be the most flattering for some ladies. Just a word of caution: if it’s too short, you won’t be able to achieve as many positions.

Although a figure-flattering garment is the most classic option for an enduring maternity photo, feel free to rock your favorite pair of jeans or anything else that truly represents you. Make sure it accentuates your beautiful pregnant figure and stays away from crazy patterns and colors.

Include Baby’s First Outfit

We don’t like it when images include too many props, but we get that you’re happy to have a pregnancy photo shoot because you’re about to have a kid. Including a first dress or small baby shoes is a wonderful way to share the joy and perhaps announce your pregnancy.

A stunning flat lay of the baby’s clothes, draped over the mother’s abdomen, or even just holding the little shoes in her hands are all lovely options for a pregnancy session. There are a lot of original and classy ways to include them.

Maternity Pictures as a Couple

Pregnancy is strange because it begins in a relationship, but once you’re pregnant, your partner doesn’t experience anything, including the little hiccups and kicks that you and the baby go through every day.

This could make them feel distant from the actual, everyday journey we’re taking as pregnant moms. They will feel more at ease and just as thrilled about the impending arrival of the baby if you involve them in your pregnancy photoshoot.

Include the Nursery in Your Pregnancy Photoshoot

Mothers can begin to nest and celebrate the arrival of the new family member in many ways, one of which is by making a lovely nursery. As a result, taking some of your pregnancy photos in the nursery is a lovely idea.

Make sure your photographer has enough room and light to get stunning pregnancy photos of you in the area you’ve labored so hard to furnish by consulting with her ahead of time.

Maternity Photos with Your Ultrasound Picture

One of the most basic and timeless ways to commemorate your pregnancy is to incorporate your ultrasound print into a selection of your maternity photos. It’s a great method to save your ultrasound for future reference and to get a glimpse of what’s going on inside your growing baby and the little one who will soon be born.

Which Month of Pregnancy is Good for a Photoshoot?

The ideal month for a pregnancy photoshoot varies for each individual and depends on personal preferences. However, many maternity photographers recommend scheduling the photoshoot during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. During this time, the belly is usually nicely rounded, and the mother-to-be still feels relatively comfortable and mobile. Additionally, the risk of unexpected early delivery is reduced compared to earlier months. Ultimately, it’s best to discuss with the photographer and consider your comfort and preferences when scheduling the photoshoot.


Every pregnant woman has a special narrative, a special bond, and an extraordinary radiance that should be captured in beautiful pictures.

We can capture the spirit of maternity photography by being ourselves, praising the inherent grace of pregnancy, and valuing the special times spent with loved ones. May you discover endless possibilities to capture beloved, heirloom-quality photographs. If you are searching for a maternity photographer, look no further. We are here for you. Just contact us at Veronica Contreras Photography


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